The most common scam companies abusing the Coronavirus pandemic

The whole world has been fighting one of the worst pandemics in the last almost two years. The coronavirus continues to spread rapidly among humans today, and one of the main questions is how to eradicate it forever.

While world leaders and the most prominent scientists and doctors are struggling to find the best and fastest solution, cybercriminals, on the other hand, are abusing fear and trepidation in people by imposing their fraudulent products and services on them.

Scam sites that exploit the Kovid pandemic are on the rise. One of those companies is Texas Medical Company, led by Omri Shafran, the company’s CEO. This is just another fraudulent company that talked in the superlative about its “incredibly successful products” for the prevention of coronavirus, and in fact, it was a massive scam.

A considerable number of people were deceived not only by this company but by a significant number of others who tried to trick naive and frightened people into robbing them of money, stealing personal data, or, worst of all, their identity on the Internet.

So, what are the most common scam companies taking advantage of the current pandemic to deceive more and more people? How can you recognize them the best? Let’s start with the most usual among them all, shall we?


Public-health scams are the most common ones.

Logically, at the moment, various public health scam companies can be found on the Internet, which manages to deceive and damage people worldwide daily seriously. Cybercriminals usually send messages claiming to be from the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control), the WHO (the World Health Organization), or some other public health officers.

These fraudsters will probably ask for tax IDs, Social Security numbers, or others. In addition to that, they may even direct you to click on a spam link or download a specific document. It’s essential not to respond to these kinds of messages or download anything required from you. Otherwise, you may be a victim of cybercriminals who want to steal confidential data or install malware on your network.


Supply companies scams are also on the rise.

Since many people are in isolation due to the Coronavirus pandemic and are usually shopping online for groceries, clothes, cosmetics, and much more, it’s no surprise that fraudsters are creating scam sites that are mimicking the looks of the most popular online retailers. Very often, they will claim to have all that one consumer might need.

However, in reality, they are scams that will steal your credit card info and disappear. To avoid this unwanted scenario, it’s best to type in URLs that you are 100% sure are genuine. Before giving a chance to an unfamiliar supplier, it’s best to check them out with trusted colleagues from that industry.


Several scam companies are indeed abusing the situation of the coronavirus pandemic, and the only thing we can do is understand how to recognize and avoid them. Although there is no universal and one hundred per cent way to never fall into their trap, it is essential to be aware that they exist and that double-checking is always of great importance!