In team collaboration, all people who belong to the company have to work together to achieve common goals. Therefore, building teamwork (team building) cannot be done alone. For example, cooperation in the organization is still done by the CEO, but his employees are not doing anything, so the effort is difficult to succeed.

How to encourage teamwork cooperation? Because a goal can not be achieved by an individual business, then teamwork cooperation has a very important role. So, how do we create teamwork cooperation?

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1. Support the Team by Setting the Right Standards.

The first way to do for the leaders has to be able to set the exact working standards that are needed to achieve common goals. The reason is, jobs that do not have the right standards will certainly confuse many people because each person will provide varied work results. Each member lost the directions due to the absence of an appropriate working standard.

Therefore, the first great way to do this is to determine the right standard of work. For example, if a worker gets technical tasks, then make sure the working standards they have are also related to technical matters. By having the right work standards, the employee will feel more confident in their work and they will feel they have a “safety fence” that can be followed.

2. Support the Team by Communicating Accountability.

The second way that needs to be done to create cooperation is to communicate the accountability to the entire membership of the team. When a leader delegates working tasks to their staff, this is the same as delegating the responsibility, isn’t it? Well, because the working tasks are the same as the responsibility, then the leader must delegate it with very clear communication.

Clear communication, for example, by informing other members of the community that the employee has been given responsibility by us. In this way, other members of the group will know that a person is a person responsible for the team. If we are not informed to the other members, then this condition will make them feel that the role and the responsibilities in the company are very unclear.

3. Support the Team by Helping them to Develop Their Skills.

For teamwork cooperation to run well, then leaders must be brave and willing to help their members in developing their skills. The problem is if the leaders do not push this, then all members will experience “stagnation” or their skills will be stuck at the same point constantly, there is no development at all. Not only that, but they will also feel unable to trust because they feel they cannot do the best things.