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4 Ways To Keep Small Boarding Rooms Comfortable


Oct 16, 2023

Small rooms are often a problem for many people. Especially if you rent a boarding room, the size of a small bedroom, making the occupants must be able to get around so that the room is not hot.

Because, not all boarding houses are built with good planning, such as having ventilation openings as air circulation, and having large windows as natural lighting in the room.

However, there are actually several easy and inexpensive ways that can be done so that your room is not stuffy and feels more comfortable.

Curious? Check out the details below.

Use the Exhaust Fan as Air Ventilation

As I mentioned before, many boarding rooms that were built were not equipped with windows that led out.

Average window is right next to the door of the room and the direction is precisely to the corridor of the boarding building, not out of the room.

This makes the air exchange in the bedroom hot.

So that the room is not stuffy, you can add an exhaust fan to the ceiling of the room.

If not, use portable ac and place it near your bed. Portable air conditioners are not too expensive, for example like blaux portable ac.

Choose the Right Furniture

Renting a boarding room is different from renting a rented house. If you live in a boarding room, then all you have is one room.

However, if you rent a rented house, then what you get is all the space in the house.

For this reason, the room space in the boarding room is definitely more limited.

Use simple furniture, and avoid using furniture materials that are too large. because, the furniture will fill the room space and narrow the space.

Therefore, so that the room is not stuffy and looks crowded, choose furniture with a minimalist design and also simple.

Do not place too many items

Space limitations in boarding rooms make people put all the furniture in the room.

In fact, the more furniture you stack in your boarding room, the hotter the atmosphere of the room.

Therefore, so that the room is not hot, sort the items that you really need to be placed in the room.

Change Room Wall Paint with White

Although the white color has the potential to get dirty faster than other colors, the use of white paint in a narrow room will make the room seem more spacious.

So that the room is not stuffy and feels cooler, also use color groups that can give a cool impression to the room, such as light green, light blue, Tosca, etc.

If necessary, also adjust the color of the furniture with the color of the walls of the room. So, not only gives the impression more comfortable, your room design will also look more beautiful.