5 Current Home Food Business Ideas for 2020 | Come on, start a business!


What are the current profitable home food business ideas? What culinary businesses are safe for beginners? To find the answer, see the following article!

There are many types of culinary business.

Instead of giddy looking for new food ideas, it’s better to follow current trends.

Why? This is so you can map the market and define a sales strategy more easily.

So, here are some contemporary home food business ideas that you can emulate!

Home Food Business Ideas and make sure you have determined your market first, for more information please visit the official website here lcs

1. Catering Bento

One of the hottest food trends is bento catering.

This usually targets the market for young mothers who have small children.

Children are usually picky about food, and enjoy eating things that look cute and interesting.

This is what could be your business gap.

Offer bento with various attractive shapes so that it is easier for children to be told to eat,

For example rice in the form of animals and various side dishes as decoration.

This business is flexible because it can be done from home and sent using an online motorcycle taxi service.

2. Rice Bowl Breakfast Menu

Mornings are the most hectic time for office workers and students.

Often, they don’t have time to eat breakfast because they are catching the travel time to get to school or campus.

Try to provide a solution by opening a home-based food business in the form of a breakfast bento menu.

home food business

The packaging concept is like a rice bowl, with a transparent lid on top.

But the contents are breakfast menus such as uduk rice, yellow rice, and others.

Even though it sounds normal and common, this breakfast menu is still popular among some circles, you know!

3. Healthy Food Catering

One of the culinary industry trends is a healthy diet.

Which shows a high commitment to the balance of nutritional content in food.

You can provide a healthy catering menu, which is aimed at activists of a healthy lifestyle.

For example, offering a “diet mayo” menu or a “full protein” menu.

4. Snack Chips

Almost everyone likes to buy snacks to accompany their activities.

Instead of spending money on snacks, you can make your own snack chips at home.

home food business

Not only for consumption, this can be a home-based food business opportunity for you.

Try using unusual ingredients to make your chips more attractive, for example Cilembu potato chips with various flavors.

5. Assorted Sambal

If you love spicy, you can channel this hobby into a business.

Create a variety of packaged chili sauce business in your home.

Create an existing recipe to make it more interesting and delicious.

Sell ​​in small bottles, and don’t forget to check the durability of your chili sauce if stored for a long time.

Tips for Conditioning Homes For Business

Opening a home business is not easy.

You must carefully arrange a strategy so that your business does not interfere with the activities of other residents of the house.

Here are some steps you can take to make your home and business go hand in hand.

1. Calculate Fixed Cost of Business

Opening a home-based food business will incur additional costs on electricity, gas, and water.

For that, you must carefully arrange and calculate the cost sharing.

Make sure to set aside the sales profit to pay the Fixed Cost of the business.

Fixed business costs include costs for electricity, gas, water, and others that must be spent even though there is no sale.

2. Separate your selling ingredients and everyday cooking ingredients

Having two refrigerators is a great choice if you are opening a culinary business from home.

However, not everyone has this luxury.

Especially if your business has just started.

To outsmart, you can separate groceries and ingredients for everyday cooking in different refrigerator racks.

Or put them in small, named boxes before they go into the refrigerator.

3. Provide a special space for businesses

The food business certainly needs packaging.

These packages require a large enough space to store them.

We recommend that you determine one corner of the house as a workspace.

Not only for storing all equipment related to business, but also a place for you to package food for sale.