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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Color Based on Your Skintone


Mar 14, 2024

Do you plan to dye hair but confused about choosing the right hair color? Or do you often change hair color but still can’t find a hair color that matches your characteristics? Determining the right hair color is difficult. Hair color has a big effect on determining the overall appearance of a person. If you choose the wrong color when coloring hair, you can look weird. Don’t worry, if you are looking for professional help,  gents color Bondi will help you. You can visit the site at the headofficehairspecialist.com.au website.

Here are some tips to choose the right hair color based on your skin tone

1. Spring warm tone

People with this skin tone have bright white skin, bright hair color, and reddish cheeks. For those who have spring warm tone, try bright colors, such as beige Kotori, coral beige, creamy cinnamon, caramel brown, and olive-brown. Avoid dark hair colors like black and dark blue.

2. Summer cool tone

People with summer cool-tone has a characteristic of beige or dark skin color with cool undertones and reddish cheeks color. If you have bright colored eyes such as blue, grayish blue, green, or brown, hair colors that match this skin tone are dark brown, dark blue, black-blue, dark purple, burgundy-purple, maroon, burgundy red, and gray.

3. Autumn warm tone

The characteristics of this skin tone are yellowish skin or tan look skin color. People with this tone, have a skin that is not easily burned, has dark hair and eye color. The good news is that you match almost all hair colors such as brick brown, chocolate brown, dark orange-brown, and ash. But, please try to not use burgundy.

4. Winter cool tone

People with winter cool-tone has the characteristics of bright skin without redness, olive undertone, dark eyes and hair, and a contrast skin color and hair. If you have this skin tone, choose dark hair colors like black. Never dye hair with bright colors.

5. Deep autumn

This skin tone is a blend of autumn and winter tone. These people usually have golden, beige, caramel skin color which easily becomes dark when exposed to sunlight. These people usually have medium natural or dark brown hair color, deep chestnut, black-brown with red undertone. People with these skin tones also have dark eyes like dark brown or blackish brown. Hair color recommendations for this skin tone are dark blue, beige, dark brown and blackish brown. Another tip, please avoid bright colors like gray and pink.