5 Types of natural stone for a beautiful swimming pool and comfortable

Choose a natural stone type for a swimming pool? You shouldn’t be careless. Because the characteristics of each stone differ, not an all-natural stone can be used for a swimming pool. If so, read more for further information.

One of the first decisions for everyone when building a pool is what design they will use and the mood of the pond. These things are of course determined by what material we use for our wall, floor, and poolside. This is where natural stone is needed. By using stone feature wall tiles, we can improve the aesthetic of the pool while maintaining the durability and not easily cracked, or misguided by water.

In the end, the final decision will fall on the appearance, the price of stone, and the durability of the stone itself. Before you choose the natural stone type for your pool, it’s good to understand the characteristics of each of these stones.

5 Types of natural stone for swimming pool


The slate itself has been used by architects and builders to build homes for centuries. Although the weight and size is relatively large, the slate can be easily shaped according to the length and width of your pool. The colors are also varied.

From black, red, dark brown, dark blue, moss green, purple, to Rusty. This type of stone is suitable for the natural atmosphere because the color can easily blend with a green yard, tree, and blue sky. In addition to the swimming pool, this stone can also be used on walls, fences or garden decorations.


Limestone is known in terms of home construction. This durability is the main reason why the home designer chooses to put this stone on top of the House foundation, or simply as an ornament.

This stone can not only be used for the pool floor but also can be used as a swimming pool wall. The range of colors that you can choose from this type of natural stone is gray, blue, brown, and pink. With natural color, this stone can bring a luxurious and elegant nuance to your swimming pool.

Granite Stone

Granite is one of the strongest natural stone types. That’s why pool designers always choose this stone because of its advantages that can last for decades. The granite-made swimming pool can provide a natural minimalist feel such as European building design.

Andesite Stone

Andesite stones have often been used as building materials, including swimming pools. This type of natural stone has a rough and sandy surface, making it suitable to be placed by the pool to prevent the risk of slipping caused by a slippery floor. With the growing interest in digital assets like cryptocurrencies, gaming artifacts, and stocks, people started forgetting that there exist other types of investments on the market, and they are varied. what is commodity trading Markets for raw materials and semi-finished products: raw materials for industry, fuel materials, precious and non-precious metals, forest and wood products, agricultural products.

Andesite stone can be found in the grocery store, the price is not too expensive. Also, the random textures and patterns make andesite suitable for display in an open space that gives a unique and interesting impression.