How can you Improve Lead Scoring?

There are lots of articles available online by different expert and I’m not such an expert to give some tactics which you have to strictly follow for your Lead Generation Strategy.

Today I will just give an idea about lead generation, it may not work for everyone, but yeah it works for us, where we have 3x growth in our overall Lead Generation Process.

With lead scoring, you can identify the high-valued leads. These are the ones that you need to focus on during a particular marketing campaign or offer since they are also the ones who are going to buy from you. With lead scoring, you can follow the 80/20 principle. This means that 80 percent of the success of your business comes from the mere 20 percent of your total number of leads. 

So what are things you need to take for Lead Scoring?

To Improve Lead Scoring

1.      Lead Filters

It is obvious that lead scoring can rake in profits for your business, but it is definitely not going to be a very smooth ride. This is especially true when you have a lot of leads to deal with.

 You have to filter them out using the criteria that you have developed. Just imagine working with around 500 of them. It will definitely be time-consuming. 

That is why you need to practice the science of lead scoring even when you are still gathering your prospect.

You can do it by clearly defining your target market.

 For example, if you are offering baby-sitting services, you may want to make twenty- to thirty-year-old mothers with full-time employment are your main prospects.

After all, they are the ones who have biggest possibility of availing of your services. 

To define your target market, meanwhile, you have to rely on research. It can be your own, through surveys, or previous data such as case studies and reports of independent organizations and companies. 

Or you can take services from some of the Best Data Providers in the Market for filtered data.

2.      Work on collected Leads       

Lead scoring should also be accomplished with the current leads that you have. As mentioned, you need to come up with your own criteria and even the most convenient lead scoring system for your business. You can gain inspiration, however, from what other companies did. (You can also read my entries about the various lead scoring methods.) 

Usually, lead scoring is based on a point system. Every activity that leads to sales will be given its own value, depending on its significance. For example, if you have a website and someone opens it, you may give these 2 points.

However, if the Internet user browses on your Products page, you may allocate these activity 5 points. This is because it brings the customer a lot closer to making a purchase.

You may also give higher points if he decides to communicate with you through e-mail or phone call because it illustrates his interest to your offer. 

3.      Don’t depend too much on Tools

Yes you heard it right! The lead scoring tools is definitely not a demi-god. It is just a simple tool that permits you to achieve organization into your lead scoring process.

You can have the list of leads and their corresponding values. The application may also allow you to re-arrange or sort them from highest to lowest.

But their effectiveness is highly dependent on the process itself and how you implement it. If you have a very weak lead scoring system or you do not have one at all, the program will remain a technology that’s left unused. 

4.      Train the Sales People to give Lead Score

Yes you heard it right, train your sales team to give lead score, because they’re the ones who will be communicating with these prospects. When they know that such leads are of high value, they will understand the significance of every negotiation. They will be able to pattern their sales skills according to the needs of their prospects. Lead scoring increases your revenue without so much effort, time, and money.

I know you still have a doubt on creating your own Lead Scoring System.


Hope, you got an idea how you can overall improve your lead scoring system. As I said earlier, some of the strategies may not work for you, but don’t jump to conclusion it they method didn’t work for the other guy so let me not implement the strategy, I have been big follower of Digital Pratik, what he said when you trying something give it a time for at least 90 Days. Then you may see some outcome but minimum you should try for 60 days and you can analyze the results from it

What kinds of marketing strategies should you implement with them?
Lead scoring needs to be monitored at all times. Sometimes the factors change as the needs of potential clients change from time to time. Unless you are going to keep up, your system may eventually stop working.

In the upcoming days we can detail discussion on marketing strategies to have better lead gen where we can see the real difference between marketing qualified leads and Sales Qualified leads.

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