How Children Learn with 100{0f0e6636eb2b87edd39d0780928da145068d0422b6a836e92cc7bfec8f3c3ba4} Fun?

Learning is fun. Do you agree with the statement? Yep, a fun learning process can increase children’s interest. Why is learning interest important? Because interest in learning id the desire that arises from within the child without force.

Now, while the interest in learning has grown, the child will enjoy learning. When your child learning ith a happy mood, you will recognize changes in their behavior, such as the boost of knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

How to make learning fun so that children grow interest in learning? Let’s see:

Play while studying

Children have the right to learn and play, but in fact, children prefer to play. There is nothing wrong with that. Playing has a good impact on children. Playing while learning is a concept made by St Andrews Sathorn, with the purpose to make children’s interest in learning can grow so that children become independent learners throughout life.

Playing while learning will allow children to repeat, explore, practice various games, and socialize with their friends. Playing and learning are closely related to fun activities. The more happy, the more children’s brains develop interests in learning. If you looking for the best school for your child, come to St Andrews Sathorn, or you can visit the website at

Educational game

Give children educational games that suit your child. Each child has different abilities and interests in play. Educational games can stimulate emotional development, social development, and physical development.

In determining educational games, you must be smart in choosing, not all expensive game is educational, it could be that it only instills the consumptive nature of children. Give children media that can support the development of personality, intellectual, social, moral, and emotion.

Educational games can develop productive attitudes in children. Later on, this game will hit and be stored in the memory of children which affects children to have a willingness to innovate or create something new. Remember, the game is expected to make children feel happy even though unconsciously the game is media from learning.


As adults, we need to encourage and support whatever activities they like. A harmonious relationship with the child helps to understand the character of the child, what he wants, what he likes, what he wants to do.

Provide motivation or encouragement. Give children thing that suit his desire, so that they will feel happy and always struggle to reach their goal