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How to get rid of video sound in the InShot application and then replace it


Dec 17, 2023

How to remove video sound in the InShot application. Lately, we have encountered many videos on social media that use background sound (back sound) in the form of music or songs instead of using the original sound from the video itself.

In the world of editing, the process of making or editing a video like that is called mixing, which is the process of combining sound elements, dialogue, sound effects, and music illustrations (back sound) required by an image or video.

To make such videos, people usually remove the original sound from the video and then insert new sounds such as music or songs to replace them. Sometimes they also apply slow-motion effects to their videos to make the atmosphere more dramatic. Visit: The slowmo method in InShot

You can also make a video by following how to mute the video in the InShot application and replace it with the following music or song sound.

How to Eliminate Video Sound in InShot Application

Before you follow how to remove the original sound of a video in the InShot application, it’s a good idea to prepare the music or back sound that will be added to the video.

If not, you can also take advantage of the songs or sound effects that have been provided in the InShot application.

Here is how to mute a video in the InShot application and then replace it with another sound for you to practice.

‌1. Open the InShot application installed on your smartphone.

2. ‌Select the Video menu and create a new editing project.

3.‌Select and enter the video you want to mute.

4. ‌Tap Volume menu at the top of the timeline.

5. ‌Set the video volume to 0% by moving the slider all the way to the far left.

6.‌ How to mute sound in InShot finished.

7. ‌Add backsound sound via the Music menu.

8. ‌Select Tracks menu to input backsound sound.

9. ‌Select the song you have prepared on the My Music tab, or select and download the InShot song on the Featured tab.

10. ‌Tap the Use button on your selected song.

‌11. Backsound music added successfully to your video.

‌12. Finally, adjust the sound of the music in such a way that it blends with the video, such as cutting songs in InShot, adjusting the volume, and so on. яндекс

That was how to remove video sound in the InShot application and replace it with music or song sound as a back sound. For an inshot pro app review please visit here https://www.pondband.net/.