How to improve your PC gaming this Christmas

There are many activities that we are often involved with during the Christmas. Some of them include learning how to organize Christmas gifts and sending out gifts, travelling as well as having fun. PC gaming is fun but more complex than console gaming. You can tweak your personal computer to enhance your gaming experience but not all of these modifications are safe. However, a top-notch gaming laptop needs little or no tweaking to experience an excellent gaming experience. Here are tips on how you can improve your PC gaming this Christmas:

Keep your computer dust-free

The first thing you need to do to have an enhanced gaming experience is a dust-free computer. Dust and dirt are big hindrances in having an improved gaming experience. They reduce the flow of air to your PC and this leads to your computer overheating. As such, the PC components and even the Game Processing Unit starts to perform slowly, something every game lover hates. You should make it a duty to clean up your PC always. If you cannot, hire a computer engineer.

Upgrade your graphic drivers

If your graphic drivers are outdated, you cannot enjoy an improved gaming experience. If you want to boost your gaming experience on your personal computer, you should install an advanced graphics card. The graphics card is the main factor that determines the quality of your gaming experience. You can also upgrade the already installed one on your computer. Whichever way, you will surely notice a big improvement in your gaming experience. However, be careful not to open the way for viruses and malware when upgrading the graphics card or installing a new one. You can read gaming stores’ reviews to know which graphic cards you can buy for your computer and where to buy them.

Overclock your PC

Sometimes, all your personal computer needs are to be overclocked. If you are a beginner or amateur, this is not something you can do on your own. You have to get an advanced personal computer operator. Overclocking will improve the performance of your game processing unit. However, to carry out this exercise efficiently, you need to use the proper tools. Different gaming processing units have their specific overclocking tools so depending on what you use, you should get the appropriate overclocking tools. Hire the services of a professional computer engineer if you are not fit to handle yourself.

Optimize your personal computer

Optimization software also helps to improve your gaming experience. Optimizers go a long way into the root directories and folders on your personal computer to fix the bugs and clear out the unused registry files, which usually hinder the performance rate of the computer. Sometimes, you also need to optimize the graphic settings of your computer. Your screen resolution can also hinder you from enjoying gaming on your computer. Go to the graphic settings menu on your computer and tweak it. If you are unsure about which screen resolution to use, check online for the best one for your PC model.


Gone are the days when people use HDD for their personal computers. What you need for a good gaming experience is a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSDs function faster than HDDs and this can help to enhance the gaming performance of your PC. For instance, the SSD will decrease your game’s loading time and improve the frame time. It is advised that you go for an SSD with at least 250GB because a game can occupy up to 20GB of space. If you do this, your gaming experience this Christmas will take a new turn.

Tweak some things on your gaming control center

There is something called prefetch and superfetch on your computer that is meant to improve the startup time and process of the PC but gamers do not need this. When you disable these two features, you will notice a boost in your PC activities. You can go to the control panel to deactivate these features. Another thing to do is to enhance the visual quality of the games on your computer. You have to go to the control center and click on the Radeon settings on your computer. Go to the gaming settings and from there, you will be able to set the individual displays for the installed games on your PC. If you cannot do this well by yourself, you should engage the services of a professional computer engineer to avoid damage to your PC components.

Use a faster Wi-Fi router for online games

If you stream games online, you should know that long-range and faster Wi-Fi is key to an awesome gaming experience. If you are an online Pc gamer or a VR operator, you need an internet service provider that will provide the network coverage and speed rate you need to enjoy your online gaming. There are lots of Wi-Fi routers you can get in different stores both offline and online. However, ensure you read the reviews of each router to make an informed decision and get the necessary value for your money.

Activate the game mode feature

You have to check your PC to see if it comes with an inbuilt Xbox app. For instance, Microsoft’s Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt Xbox app with a lot of amazing features such as on-screen recording, streaming, game mode, etc. Activating the game mode feature will give you an awesome gaming experience this Christmas. All you have to do is press the Windows key and the G key together to reveal the Xbox app on your computer screen. You have to do this when the game has launched and you do not need a professional as well.

Get more hardware

Gaming on your laptop is cool, but if you want a more improved experience, you need to get more hardware. For instance, a mouse and keyboard will help you in getting more and better responsive controls. If you want a good sound experience, get a high-quality pair of microphones. You can attach your gaming headset to your computer or a detachable microphone to your headphones if you are playing online. If you want a better screen resolution, a monitor would be perfect. If you want to keep the noise down, get controllable fans or water cooling.