How to Install an Electrical Installation at Home

For homes that havent got electricity, it is important to build electrical installations. Installing an electric itself can be done alone, but you must consider several factors such as safety and others. Install your own electricity at home to be careful in doing the installation.

Accuracy is one thing that must be considered because if you dont pay attention well, it can be quite fatal and dangerous. However, if you are looking for electrician cannon hill services. You can contact Bevin Robinson Electrical at this telephone number (0424 363 749).

Before installing the electricity, of course, some equipment and some materials, such as combination pliers, min and plus screwdrivers, Test pen and hammer are needed. As for the materials themselves, you need to provide some, such as; NYM cables in the size of 3 x 2.5 mm in and special insulation for electrical cables.

After all the materials have been prepared, now you can start the process of installing electricity. In  installing electricity, follow some of these steps:

  • First, put the Grounding Rod to the ground, but in terms of putting in inside, don’t do it with a hammer. If it is a bit difficult, then use water to flush the surface from soil to make it softer, then leave about 20cm above the ground for install the cable.
  • Tie the cable to the Rod Grounding, after everything is firmly connected, cover Grounded Rod that has been connected and trimmed above ground level with cement or others. Now, start doing the installation in the security box.
  • After everything is finished, attach the security box and NYM cable first then strengthen it with nails. When making the installation channel with a pipe, be careful not to break or create any holes in it. But if it’s perforated, use insulation to close it.
  • install all the main conduit cables into the pipe, use clamps to tidy it up, then channel some of the cables to several switches as needed, you also need to stay focus to avoid mistakes.
  • After tidying up all the work, hopefully, everything runs well and be no issue occured to create danger. Remember thatyou required accuracy in installing electricity to understand the positive and negative in to avoid mistakes.