How To Make An Attractive CV To Be Liked By HRD

A corporate HRD every day receives tens or even hundreds of CV job applicants, and maybe your CV is one of them. Of the dozens or hundreds of CVs, of course you must have different points from other applicant CVs.

Did you know, that according to research the average HRD only takes less than 1 minute to decide you are worthy or not to advance to the next stage based on what they see from your CV. There are some points that they prioritize and highlights when reading the CV. But of course, the appearance of your CV visually is also important. Your CV should be able to attract the attention of HRD to read it carefully because your CV reflects your person.

Therefore, here are tips and how to make an attractive CV to be quickly glimpsed by HRD:

Must be neat

A cluttered CV is the one most disliked by HRD. This makes it difficult for them to find the information they need. Preferably, you give an arrangement on your CV to make it easier for HRD to read it and straight to the point. To give the impression of easy and concise, you can give points or barriers to the description to make it easy to read.

Short, clear, solid

A lot of experience and detailed information is required in the CV. But that doesn’t mean you have to write everything there. Details don’t mean they have to be long and complicated, use language that’s easy to understand and not too long, but it can include everything you want to say. Try also selecting and removing words that are not so important and not related to the work you will be applying for. If you want to apply in a field of work, but have no experience or knowledge at all in that field, HRD will also think twice about calling you.

Have a clear purpose

Instead of writing something that is standard and obvious like “want to add experience and develop knowledge”, it’s better if you focus on the job you want to apply for. Describe your work-related experience to add a plus to yourself that makes HRD feel confident to call you to the next stage. So don’t let your CV lose focus and not be clear of what you want.

Relevant personal experience and data

Being active in the religious field is also an experience. But it would be nice if your activities/experience in the religious field were related to the work you were applying for. For example, you have worked as a Marketing &Promotion in a religious event, if you get something that can add to your skills that are related to the work you are applying for, you should include it.

Have special skills/skills

Hrds are certainly very tired of hearing the applicants can use Microsoft Office, Excel, and so on because it is a basic thing that has been owned by many people. Using Microsoft Office may also be needed, but try to not only create common capabilities, try to learn something unique, special and different. Learning and understanding things isn’t a bad thing, is it?

Now, let’s check again your CV is in accordance with the tips mentioned above?