The problem of garbage in this world is endless. The reason is simple: all people produce waste every day. When there’s a problem, there always be solutions, one of which is processing waste.

Trash is indeed something that cannot be separated from our lives. For example, when we finish eating, it will produce garbage, whether it’s leftovers from food or drinks.

Then who has never produced garbage? Of course, the answer is no one. Well, in total, there are millions of rubbish on this earth.

Undisciplined attitudes of people around the world when disposing of trash cause our earth to become dirty. Sadly the amount of trash we produce is threatened the lives of other creatures. If you need cheap skip bin hire Northern Beaches, to get rid of garbage with the right treatment, you can visit the website at

3 Types of Trash You Need to Know

There is organic and inorganic waste. Then what’s the difference?

Organic Trash

This waste consists of materials that can be decomposed naturally / biologically. Examples of this type of waste are food scraps and leaves. Organic waste is also commonly referred to as wet garbage.

Inorganic Waste

This waste consists of materials that are difficult to biodegrade biologically and the process of destruction requires handling in a special place. Examples of inorganic waste, such as plastic, cans, and styrofoam. This type of rubbish is also commonly called dry rubbish.

B3 Waste

This type of waste is waste from hazardous and toxic materials, such as hospital waste, factory waste, and others. Now, this is very dangerous compared to the type of organic and inorganic household waste.

Now you already Know the Type, what to do next? Reklama: kaip išmokti anglų kalbą pačiam Relax, you don’t need to go to the mountains or swim to the open sea to pick up the rubbish.

Start from your home by processing waste according to its type.