Instagram masslooking – try it for yourself

You should be popular with masslooking 

In general, Instagram Stories is probably the best feature that has ever been added to an app since its inception.  If earlier the people mostly “hung out” in the news feed, now stories have become the cornerstone.  Users publish more stories than regular posts themselves, and at the same time and willingly view the stories of other accounts.  After all, here they are waiting for live, fresh content, and not edited photos and videos.

Why watch someone else’s stories?  – you ask.  And then to draw attention to your account.  The author of the story that you “viewed”, having seen your avatar and profile name in the statistics, may become interested and go to your account.  Ordinary users with enviable regularity “procrastinate” lists of views of their stories, so they do not care who views them.

Masslooking is mass viewing of stories.  Typically automated and customized to the target audience.  Masslooking can also be done manually by actually looking at someone’s stories.

 Proponents of Instagram masslooking give two versions of why they should use a “new way of promoting”:

 – Users who have less than 1000 subscribers are interested in who views their story.  If they see your account in the list of viewers, they can go to the page and stay there as a subscriber.  And it can later become a client.

 – If you are a popular blogger or celebrity, then masslooking will help increase engagement in your account.  The user will see that a celebrity is watching him, he will be flattered by such attention, will go to your page, stick around all the posts, etc.

How Instagram masslooking work

 Users turn to masslooking services because manually viewing hundreds of thousands of stories a day is not realistic.  Only process automation can make this mission feasible.

 If you resort to automation services to promote on Instagram, you probably noticed that the return on massliking (automatic posting of likes to posts), and even more so mass following (automatic subscription to specified users) is not at all the same as it was 2-3  years ago.  Instagram continues to tighten the limits, and users are not so keen on this promotion tactic.  Although mass subscriptions and likes still work well, with the correct setting of goals, masslooking against their background becomes clear leaders.
 As for masslooking, it is very pleasing that Instagram is always lagging behind new promotion automation tools.  So, at the moment there are no restrictions on the number of viewed stories, so you can set up masslooking for at least tens of thousands of users per day.  Cool, isn’t it?  For tasks like “Following + Like” such numbers have long been closed to you.  So imagine how much more effective automatic viewing of stories is than following and liking, which have become classics of the genre.