Matt Davies Stockton Looks at Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


According to Matt Davies Stockton, social media users are still growing since a significant fraction of the world’s population is yet to go online. So, the 2.5 billion active worldwide social media users are only expected to rise in the future. That’s why social media marketing is so successful. Let’s check out social media marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

The Mistakes

1. Ignoring vital data – Without a proper plan and analysis, you can’t come up with a successful business strategy. To know about the appropriate actions and guide your marketing decisions, you need to analyze all the data available to you. Thankfully access to data is easier than ever. With the right tools, you can find the real-time data you need within minutes.

For instance, Facebook offers an ‘Insights’ section for pages. It offers stats on the performance, engagement, and reach of the page. You can also install third-party tools like BuzzSumo on your social media channels to track the performance of new strategies and optimize your marketing campaign.

2. Posting careless stories – Whatever you share on your social media channels directly affects the image of your brand. Whether you share stories on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media handles, they need to make a lasting and positive impression and should help you connect with your audience.

Before you hit the share button, figure out if the story you’re about to post is interesting, or provides value to your audience and if it’s asking them to purchase your products and services. While your social media channels are there to promote whatever you’re trying to sell, if you do it too frequently, you’re going to lose users. When your audience clicks on the follow button, they expect something of value from you and don’t want to see only sales posts all the time. 

3. Not being transparent – Being transparent goes a long way in building trust with your customers and leveraging that trust to sell your products and services. Studies show that businesses that are more transparent with their users have more loyal customers.

However, being transparent doesn’t mean posting your company’s information on social media. That’s quite dangerous. Instead, you can take the initiative to personally respond to the concerns and questions of your followers and customers and guide even the most negative comment towards a positive interaction.

4. Collecting followers – As a brand, you obviously want to grow your followers and the influence you have on them. However, that growth should be with more valuable and higher-quality followers. Leveraging the tools available for various social media platforms to target quality users and maximize engagement on your posts. For instance, Buffer can help you post the right content, at the right time for different social media platforms.         


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you avoid the above-mentioned social media marketing mistakes as much as possible. While some mistakes may occur from time to time, the more you educate yourself about these mistakes, the higher your chances of dodging similar pitfalls.