Mini Metro

Mini Metro is one of the subways simulating gam. What you have to do in this Mini Metro game? Very simple, the game resembles a growing city and what you have to do is to draw sublime subway lines for your trains by joining stations. You have to avoid stations becoming crowded with the passengers. If it gets crowded then the game will become an end for you. The only thing that you have to do is to take the passengers to their preferred destinations by drawing subway paths. I am sure that once you start to play the game you will love it and will get addicted. The game Mini Metro can be identified as the best simulating game for your android. So try it my friends.

If I talk about the interface of the Mini Metro apk I like it very much due to its colourfulness. It seems just like a world of colours with different colours on different tracks. It is definitely adding a pleasure to my eyes and mind also. The stations are represented by simple geometric shapes and when you start the game you will meet only few stations. But when you proceed through the game you will meet many stations.

At the start you will come to know that this is very easy and a relax game. You can draw the lines simply and calmly. You will get an opportunity to listen to a very calm and cool background music too. Less number of passengers are there. So you will be able to provide each passenger a desired destination very easily. Oh my god!! What happens with the time? The number of passengers and the number of stations also keeps growing city in the growing city. Instead of the calm and cool music you will hear the angry tones of the passengers who will get late to find their destination with the help of you. If the passengers are keep increasing to an extent you cannot react faster, then the game will become end for you.

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To play this game without getting defeated you should have a better planning skill. You will have some resources gifted by the game also. But they are limited. So you should be wise enough to use these limited resources efficiently and effectively. Then only you will be able to win the game by providing transportation to each and every passenger. On your way to the different destinations you will meet some obstacles like rivers. Then you have to take necessary actions to make it possible to make a subway track. Along your pathway you will meet some upgrades too which offers you with extra train car, interchange or sometimes an extra track. If you are with a better responsive speed and a better planning skill, I am pretty sure that you will be able to enjoy this game more happily.

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