Some of us may not see our friends and family this Christmas due to the coronavirus, but we still have something special to treat everyone we love.

It can be a tricky thing to master Christmas presents for a friend or family. How do you know the clothes that can fit? What type of jewellery do they wear? Will they even need a new purse or wallet? Tech gifts are one thing that always goes down a treat (particularly with children), and we have rounded up the best original technology gift ideas for Christmas. The following are top tech gifts:

PS5 Bundle

Just before Christmas, the PlayStation 5 has been released. Gadgets store reviews relate that it is sure to be incredibly successful. If you do not want your friend/family member to gamble not getting your hands on one, then the PS5 pack of three games is a good idea.

Portal TV

Since we do not know what might occur during Christmas time, to make sure that the entire family is digitally connected, a TV virtual can help you have a virtual party or play a virtual game. It has an Alexa built-in, and as you walk around the room, it cleverly moves with you.

Ember smart mug

Do you know someone who sometimes forgets about their freshly brewed coffee or tea? To help keep the drink hot for 1.5 hours, buy them a smart mug, and they get to pick the temperature!

Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera by Fujifilm

Do you know someone who enjoys shooting photos? Fujifilm camera provides instant prints to catch those unique memories.

Nude Beautifect Box

The Beautifect Package can obsess a natural make up lover with five colour modes and three light levels; it’s the perfect way to do your makeup easily every day. Never underestimate superb lighting.

Echo Dot (4th gen)

The new generation of Amazon’s tabletop Echo has a very modern feel to it, magnified by the built-in digital clock that seems to mysteriously live on its surface, resembling a Poké Ball in business attire. Aside from visuals, it has the same Alexa-laden powers you would expect from an Echo unit, combined with the music’s punchy, bass-filled sound.

Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner for kids

We want to believe that this Dyson replica is such an ingenious innovation to help with the housework. Kids think they have a shiny new gadget, but you are merely tricking them into cleaning up because it has real suction strength. You can give this kind of gift to a family friend.

LED Beanie cap

Are you looking for a jokey present for a tech friend? Get this Lead beanie a bit better for their winter walks or races.

Fitbit Charge 4 Tracker for Health

If you meet anyone who likes setting a goal for themselves, then this is their generous gift!