5 Effective Guidelines to Lose Weight by Cycling


Losing weight can be tough work, especially for those who don’t really care about their weight.

The meaning is this. There are some people who basically don’t think much about their weight. Why? Because they have accepted themselves as they are. You are beautiful from your heart. Therefore, even if your weight crosses the 100 kg mark, there is no problem.

The situation changed a little when the so-called “healthy living doctrine” entered. Exercise does not have to be for weight loss, but to maintain health so you can always eat well at any time.

However, dare to bet, when you adhere to this doctrine, various considerations on how to lose weight will appear. Both are like farts and smell. Accompanying each other.

I myself choose cycling as a sport to follow the doctrine of “healthy living”. Here are 5 simple guidelines to make your cycling event more comfortable.

1. Ride with military discipline

Some media say that you should cycle regularly, at least three times a week, with a duration of one hour. This opinion is true, not just once a week on weekends. Remember, this is sport, not Car Free Day.

All sports, if done regularly, will show the desired results. It’s as legal as cycling. Don’t be soft with yourself. One time “truancy”, the healthy living program will be damaged. If necessary, bike every day. No need every morning. Afternoon or evening is also ideal.

2. Use the mountain bike type

The types of bicycles are quite diverse. Starting from racing bikes, folding bikes, to mountain bikes. For obese people, it is better to use a mountain bike. The durability and materials used are suitable for sustaining severe shocks caused by “slightly excessive” rider loads.

One of the advantages of mountain bikes is the presence of a suspension that is able to absorb these “slightly excessive” shocks. If it is not able to withstand the weight of the rider, the bicycle used will quickly get damaged.

Don’t force yourself to use a short BMX bike if you weigh more than 120 pounds. Besides being difficult to pedal, aesthetically it is very wrong.

3. Use a wide saddle

Gaining weight, usually accompanied by blooming your buttocks. A situation that will directly make it difficult for cyclists to be able to enjoy the process of this sport. Pain in the buttocks makes the rider uncomfortable to pedal a bicycle for long. If you don’t feel like it, where can you be disciplined in exercising?

Use a wide size with a soft foam. If the buttocks are conditioned, usually, the cycling process can be done for a longer duration.

4. No need to be stylish like a racer

Professional cyclists travel at high speed. One of the characteristics is a bent body, even like placing your chest against a bicycle handlebars.

Now, many fat people do not realize that the handlebars they use are too low. The result is that the back becomes sore quickly, even hurts. Back again, such as problems in the buttocks, back pain, will reduce the comfort of exercising.

Make adjustments, for example by adding a stem riser to the bicycle handlebars. This technology allows the rider to drive with a straighter back. Stem rises can be found through online shops, or of course at bicycle shops.

5. Have a bicycle

And of course, if you want to cycle, the highest law is to own a bicycle. “To have” is not always synonymous with having. You can borrow, rent, or even steal (sorry, Mojok doesn’t recommend this last option, especially when caught).

If you have more funds, you can even assemble a bicycle according to body shape, intensity, and duration.

Of course, the 5 points above will produce different results for everyone. However, if done correctly, at least, you can lose up to 10 kilograms in almost 3 months like me. To help you lose weight faster, actually there are ways to lose weight faster, namely taking natural supplements that have been proven effective.