5 Ways to Understand Consumer Behavior to Increase Sales

Various studies were conducted to find out how to increase sales. Well, one of the results of the study that is considered effective is by understanding consumer behavior.

What is consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and how they will make purchases from a product / service.

This is indeed quite dynamic and a challenge for business activists.

But, if you understand consumer behavior well, later you can provide their needs and meet their expectations. You can also use software lead conversion squared, lcs2 to increase your consumer behaviour. That way, of course they will not hesitate to use your product / service, so that sales can increase.

Then, how?

1. Know who your customers are

In this digital age, it makes consumers more diverse. Not only that, but the consumer segment can start to become more specific. So actually, to know exactly who your customer is so that later you can clearly understand customer behavior.

You can get to know consumers through their demographics and psychographics. For example, by building customer profiles.

Ask yourself as many relevant questions about your customers as possible. For example,

  1. Are they female or male?
  2. Do they have their own house?
  3. How often do they vacation?

Here are a few examples:

  • A single woman, aged 35 who lives in a Jakarta city apartment and earns more than 120 million per year.
    • Childless couple in their thirties, living in Bandung.
    • A young mother with two children in the city of Surabaya and has a total family income of less than 80 million per year.

2. Know What Consumers Want

The important thing in understanding consumer behavior is knowing their needs and wants. Your customers have wants and needs. They will be happy to receive any information that can help their problems. From finding out how to do their own business to living a healthy lifestyle, they can just look for these things.

By knowing and understanding what consumers care, you can create content for their needs. Now, when they have started to engage with the content information that you provide, you can go in and make an understanding of how your product can solve their problems.

3. Find out how consumers perceive your product

One of the ways you can find out consumer perceptions is by conducting a survey.

That way, you will get insight and feedback that is useful for analysis.

By knowing the information above, it will be very useful for business people to cover up mistakes from their products.

You can also use the results obtained from this to adjust the way you communicate with consumers. You also know how consumers experience the product, and what their complaints are.

  • What is the reason for their consumers switching to competitors?
  • And what makes them loyal to a product?

Use survey tools like Surveymonkey, Salesforce Marketing, Google Forms and even social media polls.

4. Understand the types of content consumers prefer

Next, let’s play in the field of marketing, especially content marketing.

Content marketing can be useful for converting these customers to use your product and increasing business sales. Content marketing is one important part of SEO. If you need to be found online, you need to have quality seo content that is well-written, and easy to read.

Create content that is useful for them.

Consumers will like the content, because it can help them find the information they need. After they feel that you can be trusted in providing relevant information to them. You can insert information that your product can help them solve their problems.

That’s how content marketing converts into sales.

5. Analysis of the Consumer Purchasing Process of Your Product

The final way to understand how consumers behave is to make yourself a consumer.

You can see how the consumer journey to finally buying the product you sell.

This includes how consumers are exposed to information from your product from the start.

  • Are consumer transactions running smoothly?
  • How are their experiences every time they access your products?

Review and analyze how the best customer journey is once a year.

Those are five things you can do to better understand consumer behavior.

When you understand well how consumers behave, it is not impossible that sales will also increase.

After sales increase, of course you need additional capital to meet production costs right?