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Come on, train your brain in these 6 ways so you don’t become forgetful!


Oct 27, 2023

Did you know? Even if it’s not visible, it turns out that we have to take care of our brains.

The reason is because the brain is one of the organs in the body that we use every day. Especially if you are on the move at school, of course the brain helps us the most.

The brain helps us to concentrate on studying, remember the subject matter, and even when we count, we are assisted by the brain.

That’s why we have to take care of him. Because the brain may decrease in performance, lo. One example is that we become forgetful or senile.

Of course friends don’t want that to happen to us, right? If so, let’s train our brains not to be forgetful, let’s go!

1. Train Memory

If your friends are just learning a few words in a foreign language, try to memorize them.

Brain training in this way can be used to test our abilities to prevent us from becoming forgetful.

After an hour, try to memorize vocabulary words that your friends have learned and memorized.

The harder it is to memorize, the more stimulated our brain will be.

2. Listening to or Playing Music

One of the activities we can do every day is listening to music. Listening to music can be a brain exercise because it can stimulate the brain.

In addition, we can also learn how to play musical instruments, from guitar, piano, or violin.

When we learn something new, new brain nerve cells will appear and store all the new information that we are learning.

Of course, the more often we do this exercise the better it is for our memory.

3. Count in the Head

Instead of calculating using a calculator on your cellphone or scribbling on paper, doing calculations in your head is one brain exercise.

Because, to get the right answer, calculating by imagining is more challenging than seeing the numbers in plain sight.

4. Use Hands That Are Not Dominant

One other brain exercise that we can do so we don’t forget quickly is to do activities using our hands that are usually rarely used.

For example, if you are used to writing with your right hand, try writing with your left hand. Vice versa.

Why is that? Because when we write using another hand that is not normally used, the brain will work harder.

The brain that is working harder the more often will improve its abilities and functions.

5. Pay attention to others

When interacting with other people, try to focus on that person. Then, remember four things about that person.

This could be the details of the clothes you wear, how you talk, how you eat, or how you walk.

One of these brain exercises can help prevent us from becoming forgetful as we try to recall details that we “caught” from other people.

6. Take supplements

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